Auto loan

Quick facts

  • Interest rate: fixed or variable rate based on loan amount and term
  • Loan term: 1 to 5 years based on loan amount and vehicle type
  • Payment schedule: monthly

Who should get this loan?

Borrowers who want to finance the purchase of a car.


Interest rate
  • Fixed rate based on loan amount.

For interest rates, please contact a Desjardins Bank branch.
Amount available
Finance up to:
  • 90% of the cost of a new vehicle
  • 80% of the cost of a used vehicle
  • Loan payment frequency: monthly.
  • Payments can be withdrawn automatically from your checking account.
  • No prepayment penalties: Pay off your loan whenever you want, in part or in full, without being charged extra fees.
Loan term
1 to 5 years (based on loan amount and vehicle type).

How to get this product
At the branch At the branch