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Available transactions


If you have an account at Desjardins Bank, you can use the Online Banking service to view your account balance and make transactions at any time.

If you have an account at a Desjardins caisse in Canada and are registered for AccèsD, you can access an AccèsD Internet station at all 3 Desjardins Bank branches. There, you can make all automated transactions allowed on your caisse accounts and even transfer funds from your caisse account to your Desjardins Bank account.

At a Desjardins Bank branch

Desjardins Bank is not connected with the Desjardins caisse computer system, so you cannot:

  • make inter-Caisses transactions (deposits and withdrawals)
  • update your passbook
  • cash personal checks, drafts or money orders unless you have a Desjardins Bank account, in which case funds will be held for 10 business days.

However, you have access to all Desjardins Bank products and services.


icone note
Only withdrawals converted into $U.S. may be made from Florida ATMs. These ATMs do not accept Canadian dollar deposits or withdrawals to or from an account in Canada.

Desjardins Bank ATMs
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Your Desjardins Access Card (debit card) is accepted and gives you access to your caisse accounts
By using your Desjardins Bank Debit Card:
  • You can carry out all your transactions on your Desjardins Bank accounts without service charges (maximum withdrawal of US$500 a day). Conditions apply depending on the type of account.
By using your Desjardins Access Card:
  • You can make a withdrawal up to the equivalent of C$500 in U.S. dollars per day.
By using your VISA Desjardins credit card or any other recognized credit card:
  • You can get a cash advance by using your PIN.
Publix Supermarket ATMs
By using your Desjardins Bank Debit Card:
  • You can make withdrawals, transfers and balance verifications on your Desjardins Bank accounts without the service charges usually charged to Publix ATM users.
ATMs of other U.S. and Canadian banks
  • You can access your account using the STAR and MasterCard networks.
  • Service charges apply to transactions made at all ATMs of U.S. and Canadian banks.