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Consumer loans and credit

Desjardins Bank has a variety of loans and credit options to suit your needs.

Desjardins Bank makes available to you a credit card with a great low interest rate accepted in over 200 countries worldwide.
Whether you want to finance a project that's important to you or you are facing unexpected expenses, we offer a consumer loan that is tailored to your needs.
The Desjardins Bank line of credit is a flexible and affordable solution to help you manage your daily finances.
  • Use it for urgent purchases, everyday spending and unexpected expenses.
  • For borrowers who manage their credit well and can withstand interest rate fluctuations.
Allows you to finance a vehicle at repayment conditions tailored to your budget.
Desjardins Bank offers fixed or variable rate mortgages when you purchase:
  • a single family home
  • a townhouse
  • a rental property of 4 units or less
  • a hotel condo
  • a condo
  • a cooperative housing unit
  • a mobile home with lot
You can also get a line of credit with security of mortgage.

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