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9 reasons to choose Desjardins Bank

  1. Integral component of Desjardins Group

    Desjardins Bank, an American bank governed by U.S. laws, is a subsidiary of Desjardins Groups, the largest cooperative financial group in Canada. When you are a Desjardins Bank customer, you benefit from the same commitment that Desjardins Group makes towards its members in terms of quality service and member satisfaction.

    Desjardins Bank has privileged access to the Canadian market, which gives it an edge over its American competitors. It is recognized as being one of the most secure and well managed American financial institutions.

  2. Service in French

    When you have an account at Desjardins Bank, you can count on personalized service in French at all 3 branches.

  3. ATM availability

    Desjardins Bank ATMs available 24 hours a day, in both in French, English and Spanish.

  4. Free transactions at Desjardins Bank ATMs

    When you use your Desjardins Bank Debit Card at one of its ATMs, your transactions are free, subject to the limits on certain types of account.

  5. Access to more than 1,000 Presto! ATMs in Publix Supermarkets

    Desjardins Bank Debit Cards can be used at no additional fee to make withdrawals, transfers and balance verifications at any of the 1,000 Presto! ATMs found in Publix Supermarkets in the south eastern U.S.

  6. Deposits guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

    The funds you deposit at Desjardins Bank are guaranteed up to US$250,000 per depositor, per account ownership type by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

  7. Cashing of bank drafts

    Only Desjardins Bank account holders can cash bank drafts, regardless of their source, at the branch.

  8. Free travelers checks checks

    Desjardins Bank customers can exchange travelers checks or Canadian money into American money free of charge.

  9. Receipt of funds from abroad

    To receive funds in the United States, the USA PATRIOT Act in effect in the U.S stipulates that you must hold an account at the financial institution where you wish to receive the funds. As a Desjardins Bank customer, you can retrieve your money immediately upon presentation of your ID.

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